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CALS Tailgate BBQ Tips

Project Requests

Before Sending a Request

We recommend having the following information ready before you submit a project request:

  • Date when you need the project completed 
  • Contact info for all approvers of the project
  • The account number for billing 

Estimates and Billing

Signed estimates are required before our work begins.

We keep clients aware of progress against estimates and send a final invoice at the end of the project for your records. The CALS Communications business officer processes invoices via interdepartmental transfer.


Standard Rates

  • $75/hour – most services
  • $80/hour – video production
  • $80/hour – website design and development
  • $70/hour – photography (this service is provided in collaboration with University Communications and Marketing)

If the project requires the use of external resources, we will provide advance notice and cost confirmation before initiation.


Designed a flyer and want to know if it’s on-brand? Do you know if your content is AP style-approved? We will review your work and give guidance so you’ll always comply with NC State brand standards. This is a complimentary service to all of our CALS partners.

Rush and After-Hours Rates

The rush and the after-hour rate is 1.5 times the standard rate. We apply rush rates in instances when:

  • we must rearrange schedules that result in evening (after 5 p.m.), weekend or overtime work.
  • services we agree to provide

We will notify you in advance if a rush rate applies in other circumstances.

Printing and Hard Goods 

Printing and hard-good costs are priced separately. For these items, we obtain competitive vendor bids to ensure the best value for your budget.