Local Food and Culture Research in Spain


Renee Long

During my Research Pack Abroad program, I collaborated with Valencia Club Cocina, a well-regarded company renowned for its culinary expertise. Within this partnership, I actively engaged in facilitating enriching cooking classes that catered to both local residents and visiting tourists. These classes encompassed a diverse array of cuisines, spanning from traditional paella workshops to the intricate art of Japanese and Sushi cuisine. Throughout my internship, I witnessed the complex relationship between these delectable local delicacies and the methodically sourced ingredients. At Valencia Club Cocina, their commitment to excellence was evident in their practice of exclusively procuring ingredients from nearby farmers and the local market, to provide the best quality dishes. During my research, I not only absorbed knowledge but also actively contributed. As my program neared its end, I had the opportunity to lead and instruct paella classes conducted in English. This not only emphasized my evolving knowledge but also represented the valuable experiential learning that the program gave me.