Kirby Tackles New Lab Techniques and a New City

Kirby and Jasmeen on bikes in Sevilla

Written by Kirby Morris

June 25, 2018

The weather has been getting warmer here, which has been extremely evident to me since our lab doesn’t have air conditioning. The week was also fun, though, because I got to start a new project involving protein purification. We are trying to isolate a staphylococcus endolysin with potential to be used as an antimicrobial. Unlike the other things I’ve been doing here, these techniques are completely new to me and aren’t similar to procedures I’ve conducted in labs in the US. This also means that my days are a little longer now because I’m juggling a couple projects, but I really do enjoy it so it isn’t a problem for me.

This weekend we left Asturias and headed to the south of Spain, to Sevilla. It has been my favorite place we’ve visited so far! It was amazingly beautiful and unlike anywhere I’d ever been before. Besides seeing all the typical sites, we got to experience a lot of the culture of the city such as dance down the street with their Pride parade and watch a group marching through the city to commemorate the death of a popular flamenco singer. I definitely did not want to leave.