Jasmeen’s Cultural Immersion

Jasmeen in Sevilla

Written by Jasmeen Kaur

June 23, 2018

There was not much to do in the lab this week because all the samples that I am working on needed to be incubated for few days. So, I mainly researched and read some articles for my lab report. I have pretty much mastered the skill of pasteurization by now since I have performed it numerous times. Working as a microbiologist in a food lab is so interesting because it has exposed me to number of food microbes, the process of how they can contaminate food, and how they can be treater by different methods.

This weekend was full of adventures. We went to Seville, and it is our absolute favorite city in Spain.

This trip was full of ups and downs and unexpected events. We have learned to adapt and overcome all the unpredictable incidents and expenses. We missed our bus on our way to Seville and train on our way back which made us change our entire itinerary. But this did not stop us for having fun in this amazing city. We experienced the local culture very closely.