Cristobal: The Great Chufa Migration

Written by Cristobal Cisneros

While working on the usual weighing of the dry samples of the soil samples, the Professor I’m working with invited me to a class that she was giving to the students in what is called “secundaria.” Secundaria is basically the equivalent of high school students. During the class I learned that it is very possible that the moors introduced chufa (yellow nutsedge) to Spain. I also learned that Spain imports some of it’s chufa from countries in Africa. It is also important to note that Horchata is any liquid of a product mixed with sugar. For example the juice of chufa by itself would actually be called “leche de chufa” or milk of the chufa. It only becomes horchata once the proper mix of sugar is added hence the reason that there is horchata made from rice.