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John Van Duyn

Philip Morris Professor of Entomology & Extension Specialist

Field Crop


Responsibilities included the development of arthropod management systems for corn, soybean, small grain, and cotton that are appropriate to Mid-Atlantic crop production environments. Emphasis is placed on optimizing insect management benefits while achieving crop production in a low insecticide environment. Areas of investigation during the last 5 years included: non-cotton crop hosts as a resistance management refuge for B.t. cotton, survival of bollworm on dual-toxin B.t. corn and cotton, modeling of resistance evolution in bollworm to Cry proteins within NC agricultural systems, creating a low insecticide environment via precision seed placement of alternative systemic chemistries in corn, baseline B.t. resistance gene frequency in NC bollworm populations, relationships of tarnished plant bug feeding symptom and damage to yield and lint quality in cotton, and documenting the long term benefits of ear-expressing B.t. corn hybrids. Outreach duties included dissemination of programs and stakeholders education in crop insect management and other facets of entomology. Contemporary and traditional methodology in used in the outreach effort with emphasis placed on the NC Cooperative Extension county agent system and the use of electronic technology. Publications List The Big One Didn’t Get Away


B.S., University of Florida (1965)
M.S., University of Florida (1967)
Ph.D, Clemson University (1971)