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Fall 2022 Plant Pathology Seminars

Please contact Adrienne Gorny (agorny@ncsu.edu) or Peter Balint-Kurti (pjbalint@ncsu.edu) with any questions about Entomology seminars.

To access seminar recordings, scroll to the bottom of this page, click Department Intranet and log in with your Unity ID and password.

Fall 2022 Plant Pathology Seminars

With the exception of the 9/12 seminar, all Plant Pathology seminars will be held in the Plant Sciences Building (Seminar Room A) and will be accessible via Zoom.

The seminar on 9/12 will be held in the Stephens Room (Thomas 3503) and virtually via Zoom.

8/2211:15 AMAnders HusethNCSU (DEPP)Challenges and opportunities for pest management in complex agroecosystems:lessons learned from intensive row crop production in North CarolinaDEPP Seminar
8/224:00 PMIce Cream SocialNCSU (DEPP)Will be held in the Stephens Room (3503 Thomas Hall) and the 3rd floor atrium area located directly outside the seminar roomDEPP Seminar
8/2911:15 AMBob AlderinkRaleigh Natural Sciences MuseumMuseum Science Outreach: Informal science communication on-site and in the community.
8/309:00 AMJames R. CareyDepartment of Entomology & Nematology, University of California, DavisBest practices for science seminars: Design principles and presentation strategiesDEPP Seminar
9/5Labor Day---
9/1211:00 AMAdrian PercyDirector, North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative, North Carolina State UniversityNC PSI: Harnessing Interdisciplinary Research in the Plant SciencesDEPP Seminar
9/194:00 PMDavid RasmussenNCSU (DEPP)Exploring the tradeoffs that regulate pathogen emergence using genomic epidemiologyDEPP Seminar
9/264:00 PMJunhyun JeonNCSU (DEPP)Dynamics and epigenetic regulation of fungal nucleolus in the rice blast fungusDEPP Seminar
10/311:15 AMSydney CrawleyNCSU (DEPP)Fighting Bites: Improving Pest Management in Urban Ecosystems through Extension and ResearchDEPP Seminar
10/34:00 PMJim HollandNCSU (Crop and Soil Sciences)Ignorance-based breeding for resistance to Fusarium ear rot in corn
10/10Fall Break---
10/174:00 PMDavid ElrodNCSU (Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity)ADA in the Workplace
10/244:00 PMMarlonni MaurastoniNCSU (DEPP)TBD
11/74:00 PMMichael KudenovNCSU (Electrical and Computer Engineering)TBD
11/144:00 PMDavid HughesPenn State UniversityTBD
11/214:00 PMAnne SimonUniversity of MarylandTBD
11/284:00 PMLanxi HuUniversity of GeorgiaTBD