Day of Giving Donations Fuel Student Experiences

NC State Day of Giving image

Wolfpack membership is for life.  The experiences and connections formed by students at NC State bond and propel our Pack members in their careers and personal lives.  NC State’s Day of Giving celebrates the impact of the Pack. This year’s Day of Giving: Stronger as a Pack is a one-time fall event is focused on increasing funding for urgent needs, scholarships and initiatives that promote equity and diversity. 

Your Donations Support Student Experiences

Last year Crop & Soil Sciences’ many Day of Giving donors said yes to support our student experiences. Thank you to all who honored their own Crop & Soil Sciences experience by contributing time, memories, and donations.  Our department received the most contributions in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences earning us a financial bonus from the competition!  

Student Competition Teams

The winners of our fundraising efforts are always our students.  We want you to know that we’ve applied last year’s funds to benefit our undergraduate student competition teams. Crop & Soil Sciences hosts three student teams across different disciplines: agronomy, soil judging, and turfgrass.

Competition teams challenge students to perfect their expertise and represent NC State in visible, public forums both regionally and nationally. Many alumni remember these travel experiences as a critical part of their Pack experience.  The challenges of competition encourage academic excellence but also strengthens bonds with fellow Pack members. This personal confidence and network building are valuable to leverage in their future career search. While many of these events have been changed or postponed in 2020, residual funding for these teams will remain available once events resume.

Agronomy Club 

Our longest-running student club travels to the Tri-Societies Conference (SASES) to compete in quiz bowl and speech contests and to elect student leadership. 

“By going to SASES, not only have I formed connections with people in the industry who can serve as a mentor, but I am also further developing the leadership skills on a national level that I use as an officer within the club and in my outside experiences every day.” Caroline Barrett, Crop & Soil Sciences student and Agronomy Club member.

Agronomy club students standing in lecture hall
2019 Agronomy Club

Soil Judging 

Soil Judging got me interested in soils to such a degree that I decided to add Natural Resources- Soil, Water, and Land Use as a second major

Soil Judging at NC State is a one-credit course and competition team on soil description and identification. Last year’s team placed third regionally and qualified for the national collegiate competition which was sadly canceled due to the pandemic.

“Soil Judging got me interested in soils to such a degree that I decided to add Soil, Water, and Land Use as a second major… [It] has also been a major influence in my courses, particularly in terms of experiential learning. It’s one thing to hear what soils are, but the level of understanding of what all that actually means provided by being neck-deep in a soil pit and seeing it or feeling it in your hands is absolutely unparalleled.” Curtis Murphy, Crop & Soil Sciences student and Soil Judging Team member.  

2019 Soil Judging Team

Turf Club Quiz Bowl Team

Our Turf Club travels to the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association Conference to compete in a collegiate turfgrass quiz bowl. Last year’s event was held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“The quiz bowl we compete in covers introductory turfgrass management material. I enjoyed this experience as another way to use the knowledge I obtained from my classes and this was a good way to use our studies to represent the university. Last year, we sent two teams to the competition. They placed second and third in the competition and even brought home some prize money.” Crista Bain, Crop & Soil Sciences student and Turf Club member.

Students listening to speaker on baseball field
Turfgrass students listening to alumnus and Washington Nationals Director of Field Operations John Tournour on the baseball field

It’s About #GivingPack

Mr. and Mrs. Wuf show their school spirit on main campus. Photo by Marc Hall

NC State Day of Giving: Stronger as a Pack is a special daylong fundraising event taking place Sept. 16, 2020. For 24 hours, the Wolfpack community will come together to support our students and the strength of our community.  We hope you’ll start your support that day by sharing a howl-back on how the Pack has influenced you and your career.  Have a favorite campus memory? Share it with us! Remembering a college roommate or buddy? Or have a throwback photo? Tag a friend and howl it out to us.

How You Can Back The Pack This Year

If you believe in the work we do to invigorate students and develop agricultural solutions, we hope you will consider giving to our department this year.  To ensure your Day of Giving donation benefits the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, please be sure to use our department link

Then join with us on social media September 16 for a day of photo sharing, memories, and Pack spirit.  Tag us @cropandsoil on either Facebook or Twitter on any of your posts and use #GivingPack. We look forward to sharing your stories and our fundraising updates throughout the day.  

While NC State’s Day of Giving: Stronger as a Pack is a single day competition, the experiences you fund impact a lifetime.  Your donations shape our students’ experience and expand their expertise. But most importantly, you strengthen the Wolfpack.  Combined, we can think and do more together. On September 16, and every day, thank you for supporting our mission of growing the future.