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Growing the Future of Corn

Help plant the seeds for the future of North Carolina’s corn industry and support the Heiniger Distinguished Chair in Corn Extension Agronomy.

The Corn Industry in North Carolina

The corn industry in North Carolina is a vital part of our economy at multiple levels. Corn provides the feed energy without which the pork and poultry industries would not be profitable. In addition, many products we use daily such as foods for humans and pets, oils, cosmetics, paper products, building materials and cleaning supplies come from corn. Corn is an essential part of North Carolina’s $103.2 billion agribusiness industry.

Each dollar a farmer spends on growing a corn crop returns $3 to the local economy.

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Cash receipts created from NC corn production

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Acres in NC dedicated to growing corn

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Ranking of corn amongst NC top crops

Legacy of Impact

Dr. Ron Heiniger has served as the sole corn extension specialist for NC corn growers for nearly 30 years. Dr. Heiniger performs field trials, farm visits, and helps educate corn growers and businesses on the latest innovations in corn production with the goal of increasing yield and preserving the environment. He has been recognized nationally for his work in precision agriculture and remote sensing and is working with both public and private researchers to test new genetics and innovations.

One way to ensure the future of this important position is to establish the Ronnie W. Heiniger Distinguished Chair in Corn Extension Agronomy in the area of corn extension and crop management. This faculty position will be at the intersection of the long standing relationship between the Corn Growers Association of North Carolina, NC State Extension and the NC State Department of Crop & Soil Sciences.

Corn Growers Association of North Carolina representatives present $500,000 check for the Ronnie Heiniger Distinguished Chair, and Ronnie Heineger speaking at the 2023 Kick-off Event

2023 Celebration Event

The Corn Growers Association of North Carolina kicked off the initiative with a $500,000 pledge. Once fundraising reaches the level of $1.833M, it will open an opportunity for an additional $667k in matching funds for a total of a $2.5M distinguished chair.

The ultimate goal for this fundraising initiative is a $5M endowment to fully support the corn extension program.

Help Us Reach $5M

Every gift matters, no matter the size, and plays a crucial role for the corn industry in North Carolina. Together, we can drive positive change to ensure the future of corn extension and crop management.

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For More Information

Checks should be made out to: “The Endowment Fund NCSU” with “Heiniger” on the memo line. Mail to: NC State University Campus Box 7645 Raleigh, NC 27695. Questions? Call Sterling Frierson at (919) 691-0190.

Funds supporting the Heiniger Distinguished Chair are collected and managed by the Endowment Fund of North Carolina State University, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, Tax ID 56-6000756. You will receive an official receipt for your donation.