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A Dash of Salt (and A Lot of Time)

Dana Hanson teaches about salt and charcuterie.
Dana Hanson teaches about salt and charcuterie.

“The most important idea to take out of these classes is the Hanson equation,” Dana Hanson says to his gathered class. “Salt + Time = Love.”

In the basement of Schaub Hall, Hanson, associate professor of food science and Extension meat specialist, leads an unconventional group of students. Local restaurateurs, butchers and foodies convene once a week for four weeks at Hanson’s Charcuterie School to pick the brain of NC State’s guru on meat preservation. With generous supplies of salt, sugar and other necessary ingredients, Hanson instructs the curious on how to make their own bacon, salami, sausage and other processed meats.

Hanson aims to educate his students not only on how to create the products, but also how to navigate the administrative aspects of meat processing.

Check out our video for a peek behind the scenes of NC State’s Charcuterie School.