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‘Whatever You Need, I’m There’ — Meet #NCState22 Best Friends Emily and Alyssa

Saturdays in the fall and third quarter hot chocolate are just two of the things Alyssa McInnis and Emily Southard will miss now that they’ve graduated. Most of all, they’ll miss the Power Sound of the South — and each other.

“I like to say there’s never a time I’m with Emily when I’m not laughing,” Alyssa said.

Brought together by the saxophone section, Alyssa and Emily took one last trip to Carter-Finley Stadium and the spot where they spent many game days standing side by side to reflect before turning their tassels. Alyssa and Emily graduated with degrees in biochemistry and middle grades mathematics education, respectively.

“Since we’ve seen our lower moments of hangriness or exhaustion, we can really appreciate both the lows and the highs,” Emily said.

This post was originally published in NC State News.