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As a graduate student in our program, you’ll receive the very best interdisciplinary training to prepare you for your future, whether it’s in academia or industry.

Our intensive program combines classroom learning with hands-on research alongside faculty mentors who are leaders in their fields. You’ll leave here career-ready, with broad expertise and invaluable experience under your belt. Our support packages are competitive, and we’re located in one of the best cities in the country. We encourage you read about the research conducted by our faculty and consider joining our program.

Prospective students are encourage to apply early. Review of applications begins December 1, 2020.  Applications accepted through January 15, 2021.

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Ph.D. in Biochemistry

The Ph.D. program in biochemistry is designed to prepare individuals for careers in research and/or teaching. Emphasis is placed primarily on laboratory research, where students work closely with faculty to develop expertise in desired techniques and are mentored in the scientific process. Students are also afforded the opportunity to mentor undergraduate students as teaching assistants as well as in the lab. The average time to completion of our Ph.D. program in just over five years.

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Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Master's Program

The Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Master’s Program (IBMP) is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry; Plant and Microbial Biology; Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences; Animal Science; and the Prestage Department of Poultry Science. Scholars in this program will take core classes in Biochemistry and will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to solve real-world problems in a wide variety of areas. Research studies could include probiotics, human milk biochemistry, microbiome metabolics, nutrition, plant metabolism, or engineering of plants for nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals. This innovative program is funded by the National Science Foundation and is aimed at recruiting and retaining students from underrepresented groups.

Review of applications begins on December 1, 2020 and will continue until all positions are filled.

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Master of Science

The Master of Science (M.S). program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in science at the bench. Master of Science students complete 30 credit hours of coursework and mentored research.  Three core courses are required (BCH701, BCH703, BCH705), and students identify a research mentor and begin a research project early in their first semester.  Students complete an original research project, submit a written thesis, and then present their findings to their thesis committee and the department.  The M.S. program is designed to be completed in under three years.

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Master of Biochemistry

The Master of Biochemistry (M.R.) program is a non-thesis option designed for students preparing for a career in science policy or sales, or for those already in the workforce wishing to continue their education. Students enroll in 30 credit hours of coursework designed to develop critical thinking skills. Three core  courses are required (BCH701, BCH703, BCH705), and the remaining courses are tailored toward student interests in biochemistry, biotechnology, metabolism, molecular biology, plant biochemistry, virology, and biomedicine.

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An advanced degree in biochemistry will open doors to all sorts of career opportunities with organizations that run the gamut from biotechnology firms to the FBI. Let us help you land your dream job.

Career Opportunities

Whether you want to pursue a career in academia, industry or government, our graduate program will get you there. Career options range from human health to national security.

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We pride ourselves on offering opportunities for graduate students to engage in meaningful research alongside top-notch faculty. In our department, you’ll roll up your sleeves and do real-world work to solve today’s grand challenges.

Biochemistry Ph.D. student Gabriela Schroder works at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

“I Enjoy Seeking Seeking Answers"

Biochemistry Ph.D. student Gabriela Schroder conducts cutting-edge protein research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory – the experience of a lifetime, she says – that has implications for drug development and human health.

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