Jasmeen Kaur’s First Weekend Adventure in Villaviciosa, Spain

Jasmeen Kaur - Villaviciosa Spain

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Written by Jasmeen Kaur

We arrived at Villaviciosa on Thursday and were welcomed by the landlord lady with food and their local drink called ‘Sidra’ (fermented juice of apples). We do not start working until Monday, so we spent the weekend exploring the town. The town is really small, and life is very organic and laid back. We visited churches, market, town hall, and historic sites. We also went to a restaurant called ‘El Toro’. Food is amazing here, so much flavor, and very affordable. Some of the buildings are very old. The church of San Juan is a catholic temple it is one of the most important architectural and decorative manifestations of Asturian Romanesque. It was built in 13th century. No one speaks English in this town but by using our broken Spanish, we are getting by just fine as people are so helpful and warm. We look forward to more adventures and visiting more places.