Bartolome Tours Vineyards as Part of His Research

Written by Bartolome Cisneros

The two highlights of this week have been going with my enology PI (Principle Investigator) to a couple of vineyards to tour their grounds and observe the different processes for the fermentation and storage of their respective wines. Both bodegas focus their crops on cultivating the variety Bobal, which is the native variety of Valencia, known for its dark red-purple color and its stronger, sharper taste and aroma. The first vineyard was much newer, restored back in the 70’s to focus on agro-tourism and more artisanal products whereas the second bodega was built in the 20’s as a cooperative by the many vineyards found around the town of Requena.

The second highlight of the week was going to the awards ceremony for the Club de Enofilos, where the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia awarded prizes to the best bodega, variety and enologist from all the bodegas who came in to visit throughout the year.