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Vasu Kuraparthy


Cotton Breeding & Genetics


Williams Hall 4419

Overall goal of our program is broadening the genetic base of crop plants through conservation, efficient utilization of biodiversity using genetic and genomic tools and understand the genetic basis of fundamental biological processes in plant biology that will lead to profitable and sustainable crop production. Primary focus of our research is on cotton genetics and breeding with the goal of developing germplasm, genetic stocks, mapping and genomic resources for enhancing the cotton productivity through improved genetics and breeding information and technologies.

Current research activities include:

  • Breeding for improved crop yield and quality
  • Breeding for disease and insect resistance
  • Application of molecular markers in crop breeding
  • Mutation breeding
  • Breeding for hybrid vigor
  • Gene mapping & cloning
  • Utilization of exotic germplasm
  • Molecular cytogenetics
  • Polyploidy


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