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Stephanie Kulesza

Assistant Professor

Nutrient Management and Animal Waste


3403E Williams Hall


Dr. Kulesza works with various manures and byproducts generated by animal ag industries to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their use in the diverse cropping systems of North Carolina. Part of her extension role is to serve on two critical state of North Carolina committees: the Senate Bill 1217 Interagency Committee, which provides regulatory guidance for animal waste regulations, and the Interagency Nutrient Management Committee, which provides technical guidance. She is also responsible for teaching the annual Nutrient Management Training, which is a five-day course required to become a technical specialist certified in North Carolina to write nutrient management plans. Currently, Dr. Kulesza’s research focuses on utilizing manure in various crops and crop rotations, identifying optimum application rates to maximize crop yield and quality while minimizing potential environmental impacts.