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Ramon Leon Gonzalez


Weed Biology and Ecology


Williams Hall 4402C



My research focuses on describing how agricultural management affects weed behavior at the community, population, and species levels with the ultimate goal to use weed biology and ecology information to design and implement weed management strategies that promote crop health and production profitability while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Recent Publications:

Leon RG, Wright DL (2018) Recurrent changes of weed seed bank density and diversity in crop­–livestock systems. Agronomy Journal In press

Leon RG, van der Laat R (2018) Herbicidal and seed dormancy induction activity of fermentation residual vinasse. Weed Science

Bravo W, Leon RG, Ferrell JA, Mulvaney MJ, Wood CW (2018) Evolutionary adaptations of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) to nitrogen fertilization and crop rotation history affect morphology and nutrient use efficiency. Weed Science 66:180-189



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