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Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Faculty

The major goal of Dr. Luginbuhl research program is to develop sustainable forage/ browse-based feeding and management systems for meat goats. Research has been concentrated in the following areas:

  • Evaluate under grazing, the potential of cool-season and warm-season annual and perennial forages for meat goats.
  • Evaluate the use of goats as biological control agents in weed and brush-infested pastures and woodlots when grazing alone or in combination with other livestock species.
  • Evaluate the browse potential of fodder tree species in agroforestry systems for meat goats.
  • Develop non-pharmaceutical approaches to anthelmintics for the control of gastrointestinal parasites.
  • Evaluate byproduct feeds as protein and/or energy sources for meat goats fed forage-based diets.
  • Determination of copper tolerance and nutritional requirements for meat goats.

The major responsibilities of Dr. Luginbuhl extension program are as follows:

  • Providing statewide leadership in the development of the expanding meat goat industry through training, technology transfer and educational programs designed for cooperative extension agents, farmers and agribusiness professionals.
  • Serving as resource for information on all aspects of meat goat production for county agents, farmers and other agribusiness professionals through websites, publications, conferences, agent training, farmers’ and county meetings, field days, and personal communication.
  • Acting as the NCSU liaison for the NC Meat Goat Association, the NC Dairy Goat Breeders Association, the Smokey Mountain Goat Association, the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and other county-based meat goat associations.


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