Students get involved in Soil Science workshops

Rich McLaughlin’s students demonstrate the use of sequential baffles to reduce turbidity in runoff.

Today’s headlines make it even easier to appreciate the importance of sediment and erosion control education. Crop and Soil Sciences’ Dr. Rich McLaughlin teaches just that. At an NCDOT Erosion and Sediment Control workshop this summer, students participated in various exercises demonstrating proper water management.

Dr. McLaughlin also teaches in the classroom. “In the spring, I co-teach SSC 421 with others in Environmental Applications of Soil Science.” Graduate students may take advantage of the Soil Science Workshops held at the Sediment and Erosion Control Research and Education Facility. “I always tell all my graduate students that they’re welcome to come to all these workshops. We’ll get them certified, and they can add that to their resume, so most of them take advantage of that.” It’s a unique training program, the first physical facility to perform demonstrations in addition to classroom availability. It allows students to experience firsthand what Rich McLaughlin explains: “Water will show where your weak places are.”

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