Online Turfgrass Field Day #1 is 6/24

Man with microphone talks at event

Travis Gannon discusses responsible herbicide use. (August 2019)

NC State’s annual Turfgrass Field Day is usually a huge, humid, one-day event in August.  But as with everything 2020, this year it’s changing – and offering unique opportunities.

This year’s Lake Wheeler Turfgrass Field Day will be held via a series of three online events, each offering different content and additional professional credit hours.

2020 Turf Day Dates

6/24, 1-3pm (registration deadline 6/23 at 11:59PM)

7/29, time tba

8/26, time tba

Timely Topics

The virtual format will feature recorded presentations followed by a live Q&A session with university research faculty. The short, multi-day series allows attendees to save travel time and stay involved with daily business while still reaping the event’s benefits.  Presentations cover topics from the most common and current questions across the industry. 

This week’s event includes:

Is Insecticide Performance Declining and Can Pollinators Coexist with Managed Turf?

by Rick Brandenburg and Terri Billeisen

Optimizing Herbicide Efficacy with a Focus on Annual Bluegrass

by Travis Gannon and Tripp Rogers

Fungicide Efficacy for Spring Dead Spots and Take All Root Rot of Bermudagrass Putting Greens

by Jim Kerns

Sedge Control in Turfgrass

by Fred Yelverton

Identification and Management of Ground Pearls

by Matt Martin

“Hosting the Turfgrass Field Day across multiple dates allows us to stay nimble,” Emily Erickson NC State Crop Lecturer said, “We can update our topics based on recent weather conditions and industry issues. Plus attendees will be able to experience every presentation, not have to pick and choose like our one day format.”

Man in cap talks at outdoor event
Rick Brandenburg talks about the popularity of pollinators and landscape management. (August 2019)

Increased Credit Hours Possible

Attendees have the opportunity to earn up to two hours of professional credits at each of the three online events. Because so many conferences and live events have been canceled this year, virtual Turf Day attendees have a unique opportunity. 

“Turfgrass Field day usually offers two and a half professional credit hours at our annual live event. This year, participants have the potential to earn up to six credits total across the three event dates. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture does require participation to prove attendance, so attendees should watch all the talks and be prepared to answer questions on the material. It’s not a test, just a way to maintain the integrity of the continuing education,” Erickson said.

Registration Capped

Turf Day normally attracts over 800 people to the Lake Wheeler Road field lab. But to keep things manageable, the first online event will be capped at 300 attendees. Registration for the 6/24 event closes 6/23 at 11:59 PM. Registration fees vary for Turfgrass Council of NC members and NC Cooperative Extension agents.  Full details and registration link available at Attendees will need to register for each of the three events separately.

Future Events

Separate registration and complete information on the July and August dates will be available after July 1st.  

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