Lori Unruh Snyder Sows Seeds of Entrepreneurship and Academic Collaboration in the Americas

“Success or failure in the fields and the commodity and capital markets depend on cutting edge research by the best agricultural universities in the world. Therefore bi-lateral partnerships are critical for solving food insecurity issues and helping farmers rise out of poverty.”

New methods, advanced research means advanced training and close collaboration between farmers, workers, students, evidence driven investment to increase yields and quality.

The promise in Peru is jobs for US and Peruvian students to drive research in soils, types of cacao, and coffee and a host of agricultural products improving livelihoods and consumer satisfaction.

“I met with a mix of farmers, university leaders, U.S. Ambassador Brian A. Nichols, and a distinguished NC State University Agricultural Sciences graduate, Tony Salas and his wife, Gisela, who are implementing new methods with some of the leading venture capitalists in the world,” said North Carolina State University Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences, Dr. Lori Unruh Snyder, who has just returned from an academic visit to Peru.

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(This article by Lee Tablewski courtesy LinkedIn)