Graduate Students Tackle Weeds and Webinars

Group of students posing with awards

NC State students are pressing on.  Many are tackling tough weed science challenges and persisting despite the interruptions to daily student life. We want to congratulate the Crop & Soil Sciences graduate students for their awards at the recent Weed Science Society of North Carolina meeting and for their persistence in their study programs.

hydrilla weed on human handOutstanding Student Winners

Kara Foley is a Crop & Soil Sciences master’s student studying ecology and management of the aquatic weed Hydrilla verticillata.  She tied for the honor of Outstanding MS Student. Kara is advised by Rob Richardson.  She appreciates the depth of support at the university as she seeks to finish and defend her master’s thesis next month.  “I chose NC State because of its impressive aquatic plant management program. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had as a student here. NC State has prepared me for a promising career in my field.” Kara Foley.

Diego Contreras also tied for the Outstanding MS Student award.  Deigo is a Crop & Soil Sciences master’s student studying grass weed control timing in sorghum and wheat.  Diego completed his studies and research and is now preparing to defend his master’s thesis in a novel format – an online webinar. 

“I feel like holding the thesis defense virtually is definitely the right way to go, as this [COVID-19 virus] situation is not to be taken lightly.  It definitely changes everything I had planned from years back because attending other students’ seminars gives you a certain idea of what you want your thesis defense to look like, and in two weeks that whole picture changed.  So in a way, I do feel it is a disappointment, but thankfully we have all these technological resources available – such as Zoom – that allow us to get that message out there even under these circumstances. My advisor Dri. Everman has been very helpful during this process, and we have been trying to figure out how to make this work the best way possible.” Diego Contreras.

Poster Category Winners

Eric Jones is in his second year of study towards his Ph.D. in the Crop & Soil Sciences Department.  His advisors are Wesley Everman and Ramon Leon for the study in herbicide-resistant weeds. Eric won second place in the Ph.D. poster category.

I have been connected to NC State throughout my life and am the 3rd generation to attend from my family.

Josh Joyner is a Crop & Soil Sciences master’s student advised by Charlie Cahoon.  Josh’s work centers on cotton weed control including a new herbicide trait in cotton and herbicide interaction on the weed species cutleaf groundcherry.  He has deep roots at the university. “I have been connected to NC State throughout my life and am the 3rd generation to attend from my family. The connections I made as an intern and undergraduate student ultimately led me to Charlie Cahoon and attending crop and soils for my masters.”  Josh Joyner. He received first place for his master’s poster.

Group of students posing with awards

Also receiving awards:

Levi Moore (Horticulture) – 1st place Ph.D. Poster Winner and Endowment Winner

HaoSheng Lin (Horticulture) – 3rd place MS Poster

Kira Simms (Horticulture) – Endowment Award Winner

Congratulations to all the students continuing to produce excellent work for our department and North Carolina growers!

Want Your Own Excellence in the Pack?

Crop & Soil Sciences offers graduate programs in both crop science and soil sciences with both on-campus and online options as well as thesis and non-thesis masters programs.  Several assistantships are often available.  Partnerships with other NC State departments greatly enhance our programs, offering opportunities for tailored research experiences and unparalleled career preparation.

We’re serious about preparing our graduate students for meaningful careers that have an impact here in North Carolina and around the world.  For more information on Crop & Soil Sciences graduate programs visit us online to learn more about our study options and how we can help you grow your future.