2020 Tobacco Field Day Goes Virtual

Field of tobacco plants

“This year’s tobacco field day will broaden our Extension education goal across the U.S. and around the world – without the weather factor,” said Matthew Vann, NC State Tobacco  Extension Specialist.  The annual multi-day event is usually held in late July, early in the harvest season. This year’s event will pack all of the applied research knowledge into a recorded buffet of expert presentations suited to both growers and industry professionals. 

A Two-Step Event

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Nc State Tobacco Extension Portal

NC State Extension is planning to hold the Tobacco Field Day as a two-step event for the greatest flexibility.  Recorded presentations will be available on July 13th followed three days later by a live webinar and question/answer session on July 16th.  

At least 14 recorded presentations are planned from NC State Extension Specialists and graduate research students. Viewers can select from the 5- 10-minute videos individually or watch an organized playlist of all sessions. All videos will be posted to YouTube via the Tobacco Extension Portal and will be available for a month.

Planned Recorded Presentations:

Dr. Hannah Burrack – Insect Management

Dr. Lindsey Thiessen – Nematode Management in Tobacco 

Raymond Rodriguez – Biological Controls and Host Resistance to Manage Granville Wilt

Yara Rivera – Use of Resistance and Fungicide Programs for Black Shank Management

Dr. Ramsey Lewis – Breeding/Genetics

Dr. Grant Ellington – Air Handling Efficiency in Curing Barns

Dr. Alex Woodley – Winter Legume Cover Crop Considerations

Dr. David Suchoff and Cordelia Machanoff – Conservation Tillage and Plasticulture Systems for Organic Tobacco Systems

Dr. Matthew Vann – Herbicide Research and Pesticide Residue Updates

Dr. Bill Foote – An Overview of the Recorded Varieties Testing Program

Maggie Short – Fertilizer Program Research

Collin Blalock – Economic Factors Influencing De-Lugging Decision

Live Follow Up

Shortly after the video release, NC State Extension will host a live webinar on July 16th from 9-10 AM and will include updates from NC State Extension Director & CALS Associate Dean Dr. Rich Bonnano and CALS Associate Dean for Research Dr. Steve Lommel. Dr. Blake Brown will present an economic outlook for the year and NC State Extension Specialists will discuss 2020 agronomic management issues. 

The balance of the webinar is reserved for audience questions from the recorded presentations or live updates. Presenters from the recorded video series will be on hand at the webinar to field questions.  Advance registration for the webinar is required. The webinar will be recorded and posted through the Tobacco Extension Portal as well.

Information on Demand

A crowd of people listen to agronomist at a tobacco field
Upper Coastal Plains Research Station (2015 Field Day)

“This format will allow attendees to participate at their leisure, and maybe attract some attendees who haven’t attended in-person events in the past because of the travel and time commitment. Now they can access the latest tobacco research and management recommendations from the cool comfort of their homes,” Vann said. “What a change that will be!” 

Registration Deadline is 7/14

Recorded presentations do not require special access and will be available through the Tobacco Extension Portal. Registration for the live webinar and Q&A session closes July 14th.

Need to Stay Informed on Tobacco Agronomics?

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Tobacco bundles curing on a stick
Tobacco air cures in a barn at the Mountain Research Station and farms in Haywood County.