Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

We will be a world leader in crop and soil science education and in the generation and application of knowledge required for economically and environmentally sustainable crop systems and products, as well as in developing land management strategies that protect the quality of North Carolina’s soil, water and air resources.


Our Mission

We develop future leaders in crop, soil and environmental sciences; improve crop plants and products; devise effective and sustainable crop production systems; develop effective and sustainable soil management techniques in both agricultural and urban settings; and disseminate crop, soil, and environmental science knowledge for the benefit of users and producers of food, feed, turf, biofuels and fiber in North Carolina, the nation and the world.


Our Core Values

As leaders in Crop and Soil Sciences, we embrace our core values to create success. We are Growing the Future through:


We manifest leadership in all our endeavors through transparency, integrity and professionalism to advance the land-grant mission.


We pursue excellence through creating an environment that encourages innovation and success.


We develop and implement innovative solutions to challenging problems in crop, soil, and environmental sciences.


We include diverse approaches, perspectives, opinion and people to enhance our collective effectiveness and continuing development.


We engage students, staff, faculty members and clientele in impactful learning and professional development opportunities.


We disseminate timely science-based information to stakeholders in North Carolina, our region and around the world.


We promote the well-being of consumers of agricultural products, farming communities, agricultural industries and workers, and agricultural and urban ecosystems.