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The nutrition program in the Department of Animal Science deals with a wide array of topics, ranging from fundamental molecular nutrition approaches to studies with direct practical applications in the target species.

Students have the opportunity to work with various animal species, including cattle, swine, horses, sheep, goats, mice, companion animals, and exotic animals.

Students can major in Animal Science and focus their coursework and research project in the nutrition area. Alternatively, students can choose to pursue a major in Animal Science with a co-major in Nutrition. In this case, both the major and co-major programs will be on the student’s graduate transcript.

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Vivek Fellner

Professor and Director of Graduate Programs

Sung Woo Kim

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, University Faculty Scholar

Jeannette Moore

Alumni Distinguished Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs for Transfer Students

Jack Odle

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor

Matt Poore

Extension Livestock Commodity Coordinator, Professor and Extension Ruminant Nutrition Specialist

Shannon Pratt Phillips

Professor, Advisor - Undergraduate Certificate and Master of Animal Science Program

Paul Siciliano

Professor, Department Extension Leader

Eric van Heugten

Professor and Extension Swine Specialist