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Transfer Students

We're here to help you make a smooth transition into the Department of Animal Science.

We offer options for one-year and two-year transfer students to thrive and succeed in the Department of Animal Science, including resources and support, and opportunities such as internships and the Food Animal Scholars program.

Transferring After One Year

If transferring to NC State University after one year, we recommend students take the following courses (click on the plus sign to open list):

  • Two semesters (8 credits) of biology with lab equivalent to BIO 181 and BIO 183
  • Two semesters of freshman English (to transfer as 4-credit ENG 101 plus 2 credits of ENG 1**)
  • One semester (4 credits) of chemistry with lab equivalent to CH 101/102
  • Mathematics at least through the pre-calculus (MA 107 or MA 111) level (3 credits)
  • Other courses to bring the total to at least 30 transfer credits; suggested courses:
    • Economics: ARE 201 or EC 201 or EC 202 or EC 205 (3 credits)
    • Communication: COM 110 or COM 112 or COM 211 (3 credits)
    • Calculus: MA 121 or MA 131 or MA 141 (3 credits)
    • Statistics: ST 311 or ST 350 (3 credits)

Students must earn a C-minus or higher for a course to transfer.

Note: The course designations are the NC State University course numbers; to see what the course equivalency would be at your current institution view the transfer information on the NC State Admissions website.

Transferring After Two Years

If a student is attending a North Carolina community college, an associate in science (A.S.) degree will transfer directly into the animal science degree. However, students need to choose several science courses as electives.

Students have options when selecting electives for the A.S. degree, and the economics, communication, calculus, and statistics courses listed above are good choices. In addition, students transferring into the veterinary bioscience concentration in animal science are strongly encouraged to take two semesters of physics (8 credits) to transfer in as PY 211 and PY 212 along with the second chemistry course.


Dr. Jeannette Moore is the director of undergraduate programs for transfer students in the department.

Jeannette Moore

Alumni Distinguished Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs for Transfer Students