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Shannon Pratt Phillips

Professor, Advisor - Undergraduate Certificate and Master of Animal Science Program

Equine Science Society- President

Polk Hall 220


Dr. Shannon E. (Pratt) Phillips is the director for the Distance Education Animal Science Programs, including the Master of Animal Science program. Her appointment is 80% teaching, where she teaches equine science, exercise physiology, and equine nutrition. Her research appointment is 20%. Her field of research focuses on glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, obesity, laminitis prevention and management in horses, and nutrient requirements of both equine and canine athletes. She is currently the vice president on the board of directors for the Equine Science Society. 


Peer-Reviewed Publications   

  1. Pratt-Phillips, S. 2024. Effect of Exercise Conditioning on Countering the Effects of Obesity and Insulin Resistance. Animals: A review. DOI: 10.3390/ani14050727
  2. Pratt-Phillips, S. & Munjizun, A. 2023. Review: Impacts of obesity on athletic performance. Animals. 13(4):666.
  3. Munjizun, A., Gluck, C., Walston, L., High, K., Hunter, R., & Pratt-Phillips, S. (2023). Effect of weight carriage on work effort in horses. Comparative Exercise Physiology19(5), 511-516.
  4. Pratt-Phillips, S. & Munjizun, A & Janicki, K. 2023. Visual Assessment of Adiposity in Elite Hunter Ponies. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 121. 104199. 10.1016/j.jevs.2022.104199.
  5. Spears, JW, Lloyd KE, Siciliano P, Pratt-Phillips SE, Goertzen EW, McLeod, SJ, Moore J, Krafka K, Hyda J, Rounds W. 2020. Chromium propionate increases insulin sensitivity in horses following oral and intravenous carbohydrate administration. Journal of Animal Science. 98: skaa095,
  6. Moore, JL, Siciliano PD, Pratt-Phillips SE. 2019. Effects of forced exercise on voluntary intake, morphometric measurements and oral sugar test response in horses on ad libitum forage. Comparative Exercise Physiology. 15 (3) 209-218.
  7. Moore, JL, Siciliano PD, Pratt-Phillips SE. 2019. Effect of diet versus exercise on morphometric measures, blood hormone concentrations and oral sugar test response in obese horses. J. Equine Veterinary Science. 78:38-45
  8. Moore, JL, Siciliano PD, Pratt-Phillips SE. 2018. Voluntary energy intake and expenditure in obese and lean horses consuming ad libitum forage. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 74: 13-20.
  9. Pratt-Phillips, S, Olsen R, Geor R, Zirkle A, Moore A, Harkins C, Davis M. 2018. Effect of reduced protein intake on endurance performance and water turnover during low intensity long duration exercise in Alaskan sled dogs. Comparative Exercise Physiology. 14: 19-26.
  10. Stieler Stewart A, Pratt-Phillips S, Gonzalez LM. Review Article: Alterations in Intestinal Permeability: The role of the “leaky gut” in health and disease. J. Equine Vet. Sci. 2017. 52: 10-22.


  • Pratt-Phillips, S.E. Introduction to Equine Science. 2011, 2012. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, IA. (coursepack for ANS 110, Introduction to Equine Science)

o   First Edition, 2011: ISBN: 978-0-7575-9071-9

o   Second Edition, 2012: ISBN: 978-4652-0240-6

o   Third Edition, 2024. ISBN: 9798385121083

  • Pratt-Phillips, S.E. Understanding Your Horse’s Weight. 2009. Eclipse Press, Lexington, KY. ISBN:978-158150212-1


Book Chapters

  • Pratt-Phillips, S. and Remillard R. Weight Management. Equine Clinical Nutrition 2nd Edition Wiley Publishing 2023
  • Pratt-Phillips, S. and Stratton- Phelps, M. Nutritional Assessment of the Horse. Equine Clinical Nutrition 2nd Edition Wiley Publishing 2023
  • Pratt-Phillips, S. and Kutzner-Mulligan J. Feeding Athletes and Working Horses, Equine Clinical Nutrition 2nd Edition Wiley Publishing 2023
  • Pratt-Phillips, S. Equine Nutrition, for Essential Facts of Equine Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning 2023
  • Hund, A. and Pratt-Phillips, S. Chapter 9. Alterations in Body Weight or Size. Large Animal Internal Medicine, 6th Edition. 2019 Elsevier
  • Pratt-Phillips, S. and Geor, R. Part IX: Nutritional Management of the Colic Patient. The Equine Acute Abdomen, Edition 3. 2017 Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Pratt-Phillips, S. and Lawrence, L. Chapter 4. Nutrition and the Athletic Horse. The Athletic Horse. 2013. Elsevier Health Sciences.


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