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Megan Bahr

Graduate Student- MS

Eduardo Beltranena

Assistant Professor & Extension Swine Specialist

Katy Bissinger

Research Operations Manager- Equine Educational Unit

Taylor Burrell

Graduate Student- PhD

Clay Byrd

Research Operations Manager- Swine Educational Unit

Felipe Carvalho da Silva

Assistant Professor, Extension Beef Specialist

John Clay

Director, Dairy Records Management Systems

John Cornwell

Professor Emeritus of Animal Science

Philip Dukas

Associate Director of DRMS

Erinn Evangelista

Assistant Director, Dairy Records Management Systems

Charlotte Farin

Professor, Associate Faculty Member of Department of Population Health and Pathobiology

Vivek Fellner

Professor and Director of Graduate Programs

Billy Flowers

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor

Ivan Garcia

Research Specialist- Swine Educational Unit

Hannah Gray

Small Ruminant Education Unit Manager

Julie Hicks

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Brinton Hopkins

Professor & Extension Dairy Specialists Emeritus