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Richard Campbell


Jun 22, 2021

Partner Profile: Carolina Feed Industry Association

Animals are an essential part of North Carolina’s agriculture and economy, and providing nutritious feeds that nourish them--and ensure the meat they produce is healthy and safe to consume, is a key focus for the Carolina Feed Industry Association. It’s also why they support the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative. 

N.C. PSI Launch Director, Steve Briggs

May 6, 2021

Launch Director’s Report: Momentum is Building

With spring winding down and summer approaching, N.C. PSI has a lot of positive momentum. We are putting in place the leadership we need to be successful, including a resumed search for our executive director, and construction for the Plant Sciences Building is still on time and on budget. 

NC Fisheries Association Logo

May 3, 2021

Partner Profile: North Carolina Fisheries Association

The North Carolina wild-caught seafood industry contributes nearly $300 million in value and 5,500 jobs to the state’s economy. The North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc. (NCFA) advocates for sustainable fisheries, preserve fishing heritage and promote wild-caught North Carolina seafood. One of the tenets of NCFA is a strong commitment to food production, which propelled them to sign on as a founding funder of the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative (N.C. PSI). 

Donors and leadership celebrate groundbreaking on stage

Sep 6, 2019

Launch Director’s Report: Welcome to N.C. PSI

N.C. PSI is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for advancing U.S. plant science research and innovation. No other U.S. region or state is as uniquely positioned as North Carolina to drive that innovation. Join us as we accelerate innovation in the plant sciences. 

May 9, 2017

Big Data Yields Plant Sciences Innovation

Computer scientists, data analytics experts and information technology professionals will play a role in the success of the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative. A recent workshop focused on how to improve the collection, analysis and applicability of agriculture’s big data.