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Partner Profile: Carolina Feed Industry Association


Animals are an essential part of North Carolina’s agriculture and economy. There is a science to creating nutritious feeds that nourish them–and ensure the meat they produce is healthy and safe to consume. Roughages include pasture forages, hays, and silages. Feed concentrates are made up of cereal grains and by-products. Mixed feeds incorporate grains, oats, and nutritional supplements. Animal feed is a vital component to agriculture. The Carolina Feed Industry Association (CIFA) helps members of the animal food industry collaborate, communicate, and educate one another as they work to create nutritious food for animals. We caught up with Bonnie Holloman, executive director of CFIA, to learn more about the organization and why it supports the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative (N.C. PSI).

Tell us about CIFA.

The Association has four main objectives:

  • promote cooperation and friendly relations between members;
  • cooperate with the Commissioner of Agriculture and the Agricultural Departments in North and South Carolina in promoting every effort to effect and maintain practical feed, and grain laws;
  • cooperate and work with universities, colleges, and other government departments to develop the best and most practical feed and feed practices; and
  • promote inexpedient and lawful manners the interests of our industry and disseminate legal and other proper information of interest of our members.

The CFIA offers two essential programs each year.

Our Summer Convention covers topics such as the grain and oilseed market outlook, updates from NC State and Clemson University on how these schools align their programs and research to promote the industry, and regulatory updates from our partners at AFIA and NGFA.

Our program with the Feed Production Technology School is where our members glean tips from presentations addressing various milling operations, visit equipment dealers to learn about their products, and tour NC State’s Feed Mill Education Unit.

Why were you interested in supporting N.C. PSI?

CIFA works closely with NC State and the Feed Mill Education Unit to develop the best and most practical feed and feed practices. Our industry’s success depends on it.

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