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Christina Sigmon

Research Technician

Scott Hall 324A


Area(s) of Expertise

Syngenta Biotechnology

  • Plant Promoter Development and Technology: tested new promotors in corn, soybean and rice to determine expression location within the plant and levels of expression in each tissue type using the GUS Reporter system
  • Managed and ran the GeneChip Microarray Platform for RNA samples from plants to determine changes in gene expression for external and internal collaborators.

M.S. research

Hormone detection in Atlantic Sturgeon blood and mucus for determination of sex before maturity. Sturgeon don’t mature for 5-20 (depends on sex and location) years in the wild and have undetermined sex-specific genes. Analyzed the potential of using ultrasound on pre-pubescent sturgeon to differentiate between male and female.

Poultry Science

  1. Salmonella and Campylobacter detection in poultry, environmental samples and poultry meat (Drs. Doug Smith & Ken Anderson) (see 2-5 below)
  2. Analyzed turkey and broiler ceca to determine if the Diamond V feed additive XPC reduces Campylobacter and Salmonella transmission to non-infected birds.
  3. Prepared inoculum for oral gavage of turkeys and broiler chickens.
  4. Completed all microbiological lab work for the FDA study: Impact of corn grind diameter and housing environment on performance and the presence of Salmonella in tissues and eggs produced.
  5. Assisted with artificial insemination of turkey hens to evaluate if semen infected with Campylobacter and Salmonella are transferred to the fertile eggs.
  6. Facilitated growth studies of four Lactobacillus species to analyze if a probiotic feed additive increases healthy gut bacteria. (Grimes)
  7. Assisted in evaluation of duck breast meat and tendon texture using razor blade shear method. (Smith)
  8. Completed essential oil marination experiments to determine reduction of Campylobacter and Salmonella in processed and ground chicken meat. (Smith)
  9. Turkey and broiler performance trials (Grimes)
  10. Testing of potential preventatives (feed and water additives) for reducing intestinal protozoa in poultry (Beckstead)
  11. Coordinating and running isolation cage and battery cage trials to test potential preventatives
  12. Managing two lab spaces and equipment under Beckstead
  13. Developed a Histomonas ELISA to test immune response in infected turkeys. This data will be used by Aviagen and Hendrix Genetics for genetic analysis.
  14. Using the Randox Daytona Blood Analyzer to determine specific blood chemistry parameters in chicken and turkey blood samples.
  15. Creation of a Poultry Processing PowerPoint to teach farmers and students how to properly process your poultry for personal consumption or a sellable product.
    1. Taught farmers and extension agents since 2015 in 14 different demos coordinated by area extension agents how to process poultry.
    2. Recorded the PowerPoint for the Pastured Poultry Production for NC Choices website.


CALS Safety Award 2019


traveling, family (including husband and dogs), gardening, art


B.S. UNC Wilmington, Wilmington, NC

M.S. Zoology NC State University, Raleigh, NC


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