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What’s Next?

Gene editing. High-tech ag. What's ahead for CALS, our state and our world? Keep reading.

CALS Magazine, Winter 2017

CALS Magazine, Winter 2017

At CALS, the unknown is an opportunity.

We see global challenges as solvable — and we seek the opportunities hidden inside those challenges.

Whether you’re a grower or a scientist, an academic or an entrepreneur, the most important question you can ask yourself is what’s ahead. The future is, by definition, uncertain. Here at CALS, we work every day to help define that future and grow prosperity in our state, nation and world.

Keep reading here or in our print version to hear from some of the smartest people on campus and across North Carolina with their take on what’s next for everything from gene editing to youth development to the latest CALS initiatives.

Because the most important thing to us is to grow North Carolina for its best possible future.

Facing Our Future

CALS Dean Richard Linton gathers a panel of experts on industry, public policy, food processing, farming and more to discuss and debate what may lie ahead for North Carolina and for CALS itself.

CALS Magazine Round Table

CALS Behind-The-Scenes

We write a lot about our great faculty and students here at CALS u2014 but out of the public eye, our staff and administration grow talent and opportunities on campus and across the state. Hereu2019s a glimpse into the strategic thinking of our four new department heads. Their academic focus varies widely, but they share two things: A deep love of CALS … and a grand vision for whatu2019s next.

CALS Magazine Four new department heads