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a female scientist in water with bucket

Apr 20, 2023

The Road Less Traveled

Biological and Agricultural Engineering doctoral graduate Emine Fidan chose to pursue a doctorate immediately after completing her bachelor’s in biosystems engineering with the intention of becoming a professor. 

Matt Ricker standing in a jungle

Feb 20, 2023

Early Water Engineers: Soils Reveal Maya Expertise in Water Management

Soil scientist Matt Ricker spent 96 days in the jungle to bring back data that refined existing knowledge of early Maya water management. 

Solar panels and other equipment at the end of a drainage canal in a farm field

Nov 5, 2020

Research for Better Water Management: Not Too Wet, Not Too Dry

Improved water management systems being developed and tested by CALS researchers could help farmers raise yields and protect the environment. 

Two men talking in front of a poster

Jan 27, 2020

Water Collaborative Makes Waves

Amid rising global concerns about water-related issues, a faculty-driven effort at NC State draws from a deep well of expertise to find and deliver solutions. 

BAE study abroad student

Sep 21, 2018

Studying Water Management In Europe

Before last summer, Biological and Agricultural Engineering senior Sam Blackman had never left the United States. 

CALS Magazine Student Research Simon Gregg

Oct 25, 2017

Water Warrior: Simon Gregg

Masters candidate Simon Gregg is so passionate about the importance of good wastewater management, he investigates it both at CALS and on his own time. 

Photo of waterfall flowing over moss-covered rocks

Sep 22, 2016

NC State to Study Economic Value of Improving Water Quality

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced this week that NC State University is one of six universities awarded a total of $4.8 million in funding to work with local communities to better understand the economic value of water quality. 

Well in a field

Sep 16, 2016

Study Reveals Soil Influence on Well Water Manganese Levels

NC State University researchers have figured out why pockets of the southeastern Piedmont region contain high concentrations of manganese in well water, particularly in more shallow wells. The findings highlight the importance of testing well water to ensure its safety. 

Feb 5, 2016

Crucial conversations, crucial conservation

The college's "Stewards of the Future" conference, which drew nearly 500 participants to the McKimmon Center on Nov. 2, focused on water quality and quantity issues, with emphasis on North Carolina agriculture. 

Dec 9, 2015

Stewards of the Future: Water Quality

JoAnn Burkholder, Robert Reed and Elle Allen of NC State University's Center for Applied Ecology discuss efforts to ensure safer drinking water for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians.