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Nov 16, 2015

Crystal clear

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences research related to water spans the basic to the applied. Here, Dr. Flora Meilleur of the Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry discusses her fundamental research using crystallography to better understand the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in enzymes and what that could mean for water conservation. 

Nov 9, 2015

Amazing grazing

Grasslands cover a large area of the world's surface, and overgrazing can contribute to runoff. But with new technology, cattle farmers use fences to improve water management on their farms and water quality in nearby streams. Hear what College of Agriculture and Life Sciences animal scientist Dr. Matt Poore had to say on the topic at the college's recent Stewards of the Future: Water for a Growing World conference. 

Aug 10, 2015

Study helps farmers along Dan River make decisions following coal ash spill

When 39,000 tons of coal ash entered the Dan River in 2014 from a ruptured pipe at a Duke Energy steam plant near Eden, farmers who grow crops and graze cattle along the river banks turned to Cooperative Extension with questions about contamination. And NC State University soil scientists provided research-based answers. 

Aug 10, 2015

Ph.D. student sheds light on wellwater contamination here and abroad

NC State University soil science alumna and Ph.D. student Elizabeth Gillispie wants to help and positively impact as many people as she can through water and soil quality research. 

Feb 5, 2015

CALS research sheds light on toxic arsenic problem in Southeast Asian well water

Every day, more than 100 million people throughout South and Southeast Asia drink well water contaminated by toxic levels of arsenic. But two NC State University scientists are conducting fundamental research aimed at changing that. 

Apr 30, 2014

Functional Aesthetics: CALS students create green roof at retirement community

At the 23rd Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, a project from four students in the CALS Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering conveyed the symposium’s message of how research at N.C. State contributes to the greater good of North Carolina and areas beyond. 

Apr 21, 2014

Study: Dan River water safe for irrigation, livestock

Using projections of water-quality trends based on hundreds of water analyses made during a 40-day period following the release of approximately 39,000 tons of coal ash into the Dan River on Feb. 2, 2014, North Carolina State University soil scientists conclude that the river water is suitable for use as irrigation water on crops and as drinking water for livestock. 

Feb 12, 2014

Research to focus on redhorse, Pee Dee River

Scientists from N.C. State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will lead an effort to better understand the impact that changes in habitat and water quality are having on fish,… 

Dec 2, 2013

Advisory leaders meet and tour sites in Watauga County

Extension’s State Advisory Council toured two sites in Boone, following its fall meeting there in November 2013. SAC members toured a constructed that Extension had been involved in creating. They also toured a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm in Foscoe, near Boone. 

Mar 19, 2013

Keeping beaches safe from runoff pollutants

When it rains, untreated stormwater can sweep pollutants into coastal waters, potentially endangering public health. Now researchers and Cooperative Extension engineers from N.C. State University have developed low-cost filtration systems that are concealed beneath sand dunes and filter out most of the bacteria that can lead to beach closures.