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Author: Richard Campbell

Photo of female student standing outside with her arms crossed.

Jun 26, 2019

Her Calling is Student Government

Meredith Spence Beaulieu, a Ph.D. student in CALS' Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, was the first graduate student to hold the office of student body vice president. 

NC State belltower on a sunny day

Jan 30, 2019

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Coal Ash in North Carolina

Coal has seen a recent, rapid decline as a source of electricity in North Carolina. Unfortunately, coal’s legacy lives on in ash ponds and landfills scattered across the state. In this NC State Economist, we offer an economist’s perspective on North Carolina’s coal ash challenges – and potential solutions. 

NC State belltower on a sunny day

Feb 23, 2018

2018 Economic Outlook: A Shift to a Higher Gear?

In the latest issue of the NC State Economist, Mike Walden highlights why 2018 should be a year of further economic growth for North Carolina, but beneath the generally positive statewide picture, lingering economic disparities are yet to be closed. 

Farmer with laptop looks at farming equipment

May 9, 2017

Big Data Yields Plant Sciences Innovation

Computer scientists, data analytics experts and information technology professionals will play a role in the success of the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative. A recent workshop focused on how to improve the collection, analysis and applicability of agriculture’s big data. 

Ray Starling speaking at Ag Development Forum

Feb 27, 2017

CALS Alum to Advise President on Agriculture Economic Policy

CALS alumnus Ray Starling has been named special assistant to the U.S. president for agriculture, trade and food assistance by the National Economic Council. 

New faculty member

Jul 12, 2016

CALS Hiring 21 Faculty

To better prepare our students and serve our clientele, CALS is looking for world-class talent in people who share our values and passion for excellence. 

Jun 22, 2016

The bright future of controlled drainage

NC State University’s agriculture water management expert, Dr. Mohamed Youssef, believes there is a bright future for controlled drainage -- and the future is now. Controlled drainage is one of the most effective ways to minimize nitrogen loss from croplands.