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Author: PJ Bogdan

Khara Grieger co-leads Knowledge Transfer efforts between researchers and stakeholders for NC State’s new $25 million NSF STEPS Center.

Oct 8, 2021

NC State Faculty Member to Co-lead Knowledge Transfer Efforts for New $25M Phosphorus Research Center

Khara Grieger will co-lead Knowledge Transfer efforts between researchers and stakeholders for NC State’s new $25 million NSF STEPS Center. 

Luke Gatiboni views his soil fertility research plot at the Tidewater Research Station

Sep 18, 2021

STEPping Up Phosphorus Research

Luke Gatiboni took over a longtime study relying on traditional research technologies and methods. That work is about to get amplified at nearly every level. 

Richard and Marcia Reich celebrate their support of the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative

Sep 14, 2021

Deeply Rooted

The concept of extension struck a chord with Richard Reich early on. Now Reich and his wife, Marcia, honor NC State Extension - and their family - by supporting N.C. PSI. 

Incoming N.C. PSI Director Adrian Percy

Sep 8, 2021

Globally Recognized Agricultural Leader to Become First N.C. PSI Director

Respected research and development leader Adrian Percy will become the first executive director of the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative. 

N.C. PSI donor Allen James is a strong advocate for the NC State Plant Sciences Building

Sep 4, 2021

‘We Can All Do Our Part’

With Allen and Ann James’ support of the N.C. PSI comes a special message: We can all do our part to support efforts we believe in, and we can do it at all levels, big and small. 

Global regulatory expert Alan Ayers has offered his unmitigated support for the N.C. PSI

Aug 12, 2021

Unregulated Support

No matter where he lived, Alan Ayers lived by his family’s advice: “If you’re going to be a part of a community, be a part of it.” Nowhere else has Ayers applied it more than at NC State. 

GSL Director David Baltzegar and GSL Research Specialist Kelly Sides work with the Illumina NovaSeq 6000, currently the most powerful next-generation DNA sequencer.

Aug 11, 2021

New Genomics Facility to Elevate NC State’s Plant Science Research

The plant science world will have a new focal point for plant genetics and genomics research: the NC State University Plant Sciences Building’s new satellite Genomic Sciences Lab. 

N.C. State Plant Sciences Building donor Genia Tyson Bone

Aug 1, 2021

Fulfilling Dreams

After CALS alum Dale Bone passed away, Genia Tyson Bone carried on her husband's storied legacy of giving by naming a NC State Plant Sciences Building test plot in her husband’s honor. 

Highly active graduate student Shelly Hunt is enrolled in the Ag Data Sciences Certificate program

Jul 21, 2021

An Uncommon Thread

Shelly Hunt recently enrolled in the Ag Data Sciences Certificate program. So far, it's proving to be the perfect complement to her studies, her field research, and her career goals. 

Roshni Panwala discovered the Regulatory Science in Agriculture Certificate program, which crosses her loves for ag and the humanities.

Jul 12, 2021

Finding a Happy Medium

As Roshni Panwala took her fourth regulatory science class, she learned she was just one course shy from earning the only certificate of its kind in the nation.