Class of Spring 2017

NC State red graduation caps

Spring 2017 graduation has come and gone, and we conferred a total of 695 degrees. In the lead-up to graduation we spoke with eight graduates about their journey to NC State and where their plans will take them next. Read about those students here.

To get a fuller picture of our recent graduating class, take a look at the programs and degrees issued listed below:

Agriculture Institute degrees:

Undergraduate breakdown:
Ag Business 53 (See graduates from ARE’s Spring 2017 ceremony here.)
Ag Education 12
Ag and Env Tech 9
Ag Science 19
Animal Science 112
Bioprocessing Science 8
Biological Engineering 52
Biochemistry 48
Extension Ed 2
Food Science 23
Horticulture 9
Nutrition 48
Plant Biology 10
Poultry Science 12
Plant and Soil Science 10
Turfgrass 2

Graduate degrees (masters and PhDs):

Congratulations to these graduates and excellent work, faculty and staff!