Sep 20, 2023

Shaping Futures and Building Leadership in Agriculture

Rhonda Sutton's multifaceted career journey, from a mental health counselor to a leader in agricultural leadership, highlights the importance of transferable skills and a commitment to professional growth.

Sep 18, 2023

Sept. 19 Wellness Day

Just in time for today's Wellness Day, here are resources and guidance from the provost's office and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs.

Sep 18, 2023

Motherhood in Academia: Building Community in CALS

Join the CALS Community of Practice virtual session on Oct. 18 to discuss “Motherhood in Academia: Building Community in CALS” with Erin McKenney, assistant professor and director of undergraduate programs for the Department of Applied Ecology.

Sep 18, 2023

2023 Shelton Leadership Forum

This half-day virtual conference on Oct. 13 will focus on topics in leadership. This year's theme is "Rising Above Uncertainty: Building a Resilient Mindset for Effective Leadership."

Sep 18, 2023

Bird-Window Collision Monitoring Projects

City Bird is looking for people on campus who are willing to walk the perimeter of their buildings and report downed birds.

Sep 13, 2023

CALS Tailgate Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor registration is now open for CALS Tailgate on Oct. 7. The event will take place in Close-King Indoor Practice Facility.

Sep 11, 2023

Research Facilitation Service Expands To Serve CALS

The NC State University Libraries, the Office of Information Technology and the Office of Research and Innovation have partnered to offer a data and technology research hub.

Sep 8, 2023

CALS Wellness

Every member of our Pack is vitally important to the success of the university, the future of North Carolina and our world. We want you here. You matter. CALS Wellness connects you with the resources you need.

Sep 7, 2023

Support Our Students and Departments Through Crowdfunding

NC State's fall crowdfunding cohort launched on Sept. 6 and runs through Oct. 6. CALS is sponsoring two projects: the FFA Farm Credit Staff Cottage and Robotics in the Lab.

Sep 4, 2023

Lighten Your Pack: Additional Resources and Reminders

University Communications and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs collaborated to create Lighten Your Pack, a comprehensive communications approach to mental health and well-being at NC State.