National Agrarian University La Molina, Peru visit RTP and NC State

Brenda Costas, Pedro Flores and Adriana Brenis from La Molina National Agrarian University posing in front of the Goldleaf BTEC sign

The CALS International Programs office received a group of 3 visitors from the National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru from April 24-26.

  1. Adriana Brenis– Director of the Strategic Center of Business Development and Entrepreneurship at National Agrarian La Molina University.
  2. Brenda Costas– Manager of the Business Incubator at National Agrarian La Molina University.
  3. Pedro Flores– Director of the Strategic Center of Investment Projects for the development at National Agrarian La Molina University.

The group visited as part of the second phase of their project to create a Scientific and Technology Park for the agrarian sector at the National Agrarian University La Molina in Lima, Peru. As part of their visit, they spent their first day visiting RTP with a tour of Syngenta, a meeting with the park foundation leasing manager and with the director of life science economic development at NC Biotech. Therein they were able to gain insights on the benefits that large companies experience being located in RTP, the details of running a research park as well as the importance of business incubators.

The second and third day consisted of visits with NC State staff (Steve Briggs, Dr. Deborah Thompson, Dr. Gary Gilleskie and Thomas White) who play a key role in developing and fostering the relationship between NCSU and companies like those found in RTP. They will also visit with Keisha Demps on Centennial campus and learn about the strong relationship that exists between the university and private sector on that campus.

Although short, their three-day visit was extremely informative and “reassured them”, said Pedro Flores, stating that they are feeling inspired by their visit and upon their return to Lima they will have a lot of project planning to get to work on.