New Assistantship Announcement

Students head to class on a sunny Spring day. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Soil Science PhD Graduate Research Assistant, 0.5 time Stormwater Pollutant Control

Dry detention basins (DDB) are prevalent stormwater practices for North
Carolina’s highway system, with at least 84 currently maintained by NC
DOT. These basins were designed for one purpose: flood mitigation.
Although it is generally accepted that dry detention basins do not
substantially improve water quality, it is possible that modifications
could enhance the ability of these simple practices to treat to a higher
water quality standard. This study will determine the effectiveness of
DDBs in pollutant (sediment, nutrients, metals) removal when modified
with different configurations. These will include different baffles to
improve flow characteristics, surface and bottom outlets, and a gravel
bed with an underdrain. Additional experimentation to elucidate
mechanisms will also be included. The student will be part of a team
which will also be evaluating existing DDBs for pollutant removal
efficiencies. The project is a collaboration between NC DOT and the
Departments of Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Crop and Soil


for more information – PhD_Assistantship_Stormwater_McLaughlin

Posted on September 19, 2017