Advanced Agribusiness Marketing Course Offers Real Experience

The Spring 2023 ARE 412 Class and their JCB mentors on the day of their marketing plan presentations.

Last semester, Ag Business Management and JCB partnered for the first time to offer students an opportunity to enhance their marketing skills and gain valuable experience within the agribusiness industry. In ARE 412: Advanced Agribusiness Marketing, students are challenged to apply their marketing knowledge in a real-life setting, working with industry professionals and developing comprehensive marketing plans to address actual challenges agribusiness companies face.

Taught by Lecturer and Marketing Professional Cynthia Gigandet, the course aims to provide students with practical business experience and foster their marketing expertise. By collaborating with JCB, a renowned agribusiness firm, students gained firsthand insights into the industry and worked in teams to tackle marketing issues within the company.

ARE 412 Student Harrison McLamb presents his team’s marketing objectives

One of the highlights of the partnership was the chance for students to present their marketing plans to a committee of JCB professionals and university representatives. This invaluable opportunity allowed students to showcase their skills and receive feedback from professionals, further refining their marketing insight.

Designed to promote teamwork and collaboration among students, small groups work together within the course to develop innovative marketing strategies, honing their ability to work effectively as a team. By participating in discussions and engaging with marketing professionals, students learn about industry best practices and gain exposure to the tools and strategies used by successful companies.

To add a competitive element, teams vie against each other to create the best marketing plan. This past semester, the top team won a visit to JCB’s corporate office in Savannah, Georgia, where they toured the facilities and presented their final plan to the company’s top executives.

This collaboration between the ABM major and JCB marks a significant step in bridging the gap between academia and industry, providing students with a platform to apply their marketing knowledge and gain real-world experience. Through this partnership, students develop a deeper understanding of the agribusiness industry, preparing them for successful careers in this vital sector of the economy.

Watch the video below, created by JCB, to learn more about the partnership.