Striped Bass Researcher Ben Reading

Careers in Ecology

Our one-of-a-kind program leads to one-of-a-kind careers. Many options await.

Become a Scientific Leader

The application of scientific knowledge to enact global change not only differentiates our program, it’s what differentiates our graduates and opens their pathways to abundant career choices. Course variety plus research experiences groom our students to be scientific leaders—whether that’s in graduate school or in a career in research, academia, industry, government or nonprofit sectors.

Here are several positions our graduates pursue:

Environmental educators Conservation researchers and advocates
Restoration ecologists Fisheries and wildlife biologists
Environmental toxicologists Aquaculture managers
Natural resource managers Science communicators
Environmental consultants

In our field, it’s all about choice. Where will you land?

Graduate Study

Is your next step pursuing graduate study? The only applied ecology program in the US, we offer multiple research areas and encourage student leadership and growth. Learn more about our unique ecological depth and breadth.