Employment Opportunities

There are two positions being advertised at this time. | Last updated on October 21, 2022

Department Head

The Department Head has overall responsibility for the leadership and administration of all teaching, research, and extension activities in the Department of Applied Ecology. The Head works closely with the Dean and Directors of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in the delivery of departmental programs in teaching, research, and extension. The Head also has a key role in the recruitment and development of faculty and staff, oversees planning and evaluation of the Department’s academic, research, and extension programs, and is responsible for allocation and accountability of departmental budgetary matters. The Head works closely with others in the Department to assure timely dissemination of information to the Department’s clientele.

The Head will foster an environment of inclusion and promote mutually beneficial working relationships. They will pursue fundraising as appropriate to support the department’s programs and other developmental activities and will serve as the Department’s lead representative in interactions with college and university administrators, associated centers and institutes, clientele groups, and the public. The Head is expected to promote collaborations and partnerships with other University departments as well as state, national, and international agencies and other organizations. N.C. State is diverse because it is a community of individuals from varied backgrounds and demographic categories; it encourages, accepts, and values a diversity of people and ideas; it seeks to promote an environment where equity, respect, and understanding represent the norm in the campus climate; and it seeks to prepare entrepreneurs who are effective citizens of a global community.  As such,  the incumbent is expected to contribute to an environment that is welcoming of all groups.

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Postdoctoral Research Associate – Measuring Bee Health

An exciting postdoctoral research scholar position is immediately available in the laboratory of Dr. Kelly A. Meiklejohn within the Department of Population Health and Pathobiology (PHP). The project is funded by the Army Research Office and is centered on holistically understanding stress in wild bumble bees across an urban to rural gradient, particularly in the context of landscape and land-use characteristics using a combination of genetic and biochemical approaches.

This position will be housed within PHP, but will also work with Applied Ecology researcher Bradley Metz.

The postdoctoral research scholar will be responsible for dissecting insect samples; extracting and purifying RNA from insect tissues; RNA library preparation; extracting and purifying biochemicals (crude proteins, lipids, and sugars) and quantifying with colorimetric tests; detecting and quantifying pathogens (eurkaryote and virus) in insect tissues with qPCR; analyzing data (gene expression, pathogen detection/quantification, biochemical tests); developing integrated tests to evaluate potential impact of geographic, temporal, and land-use characteristics; and communicating results at scientific conferences and through peer-reviewed manuscript(s).

For more information please see: https://jobs.ncsu.edu/postings/172575

Queries about this position should be sent to kameikle@ncsu.edu. Priority will be given to applications received by November 30th. Start date is flexible and funding is guaranteed for 2 years, with a subsequent year renewable depending on progress. Full applications should be submitted on the NC State University jobs portal.