Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology

The overall goal of the Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology is to provide water quality research information needed by policy makers to augment regulatory and non-regulatory programs aimed at optimizing management and wise use of water resources from the perspective of protecting fish and human health. The Center’s specific objectives are (i) to conduct relevant applied research on freshwater, estuarine and marine resources of the State, with emphasis on chronic and acute impacts of nutrient over-enrichment and related pollution on harmful algal blooms (Pfiesteria and others), seagrass meadows and other critical vegetation habitats, fish populations, and mammalian health; (ii) to provide training and support opportunities for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows; (iii) to develop information databases that will contribute to environmental education and education outreach about the interdependence between ecosystem functions and natural resource management; and (iv) to serve as a focal point for the continuing advancement of research on toxic algae.