Ecology & Evolution Fall Seminar Series

Sept 27

Joel Kingsolver, UNC Chapel Hill
Insects in variable & changing climates: Plasticity, stress and evolution
4pm | DCL 101

Oct 18

Claire Kremen, UC Berkeley
Re-assembling pollinator communities and functions in intensively-managed agricultural landscapes
3:30pm | DCL 101

Oct 25

Stephanie Kamel, UNC Wilmington
Family matters: kin structure and social interactions in the sea
3:30pm | DCL 101

Nov 15

Sabrina Burmeister, UNC
Do frogs have a cognitive map?
3:30pm | DCL 101

Nov 29

Amy Rosemond, UGA
Beyond the green: New insights into negative effects of nutrient pollution on stream ecosystems through brown (detritus-based) pathways
3:30pm | DCL 101

Dec 6

Nick Grebe, Duke
Social Endocrinology in Primates: Selected Work from Humans and Malagasy Lemurs
3:30pm | DCL 101