Aquatic research on invertebrate presence in freshwater streams


Our students are engaged, resourceful and ready to make a difference. Join us.

Ready to Make a Difference?

We are the only applied ecology department in the U.S. But that’s only one of several qualities that makes us special. Our graduate and undergraduate programs encourage students to become disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientists, engage in research projects with faculty and pursue leadership roles.

You will find a positive and supportive environment of committed faculty members who will guide you on your path. We offer prospective graduate students several degree options in biology, environmental assessment or fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology. Undergraduate students interested in ecological concepts and principles can minor in applied ecology or enroll in our undergraduate courses, regardless of major or department.

Enacting Change on a Global Stage

Our students become scientists, collaborators and leaders. As scientists, they develop research-based solutions to enact global change. As collaborators, they participate in a variety of interdisciplinary programs both within NC State and their community, including work with the USGS SE Climate Science Center. And whether they are leading citizen science projects, organizing the Ecology & Evolution series, representing labs at conferences or mentoring undergraduates, they are as serious about leadership as they are about science.

Our Students

Elisabeth Frasch


Whether involved in outreach with the general public or participating in citizen science, our students are thoroughly engaged in applying science to the world.


Studying environmental issues, our students develop solutions to address global change and the conservation of our species.