Honey bees on a honey comb being held by a researcher

Wild and managed pollinators are important players in our agricultural and natural ecosystems. To ensure their continued existence, we promote honey bee health and pollinator conservation through applied research and education. Our target audiences include:

  • County agents
  • Beekeepers
  • Land managers
  • Gardeners
  • The public

We provide services, education, and resources to assist with:

  • Beekeeper training and education
  • Promoting honey bee health and sustainability
  • Wild bee identification
  • Urban habitat management (gardening, bee hotels)

Extension Pollinator Faculty

David Tarpy
Professor and Extension Specialist in Apiculture

Elsa Youngsteadt
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Urban Ecology

Extension Pollinator Faculty in other departments

Danesha Seth Carley
Director for the Southern IPM Center; Director for the Center of Excellence for Regulatory Science in Agriculture (CERSA); Associate Professor, Sustainable Managed Landscapes 

Pollinator links

NC State Apiculture Program: https://www.ncsuapiculture.net/

Cooperative Extension Apiculture & Beekeeping Portal: https://entomology.ces.ncsu.edu/apiculture/

Bees of North Carolina Identification Guide: https://content.ces.ncsu.edu/the-bees-of-north-carolina-identification-guide

Bee hotel videos: http://youngsteadtlab.org/index.php/bee-hotel-build-along/

Beekeeper Education & Engagement System (BEES): https://www.ncsuapiculture.net/online-classes

Honey Bee Queen & Disease Clinic: https://www.ncsuapiculture.net/queen-and-disease-clinic

NCSU is a Bee Campus USA