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Adam Terando

Adjunct Faculty

Research Ecologist, SE CASC

David Clark Labs 127J



Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (2012)

Research Interests

Human-caused global change impacts on climate and ecosystems

Dr. Terando is a Research Ecologist with the US Geological Survey at the Southeast Climate Science Center, and an Adjunct Professor with the Applied Ecology Department at North Carolina State University. His current research focuses on the impacts of climate and land use change on ecosystems and the complex human-environment relationships that drive these processes. This includes understanding and predicting climatically-induced changes to extreme wildfires in the Southeast US; developing methods to quantify the information value of climate models for use in adaptive management problems; simulating urban growth and land use pattern changes in the Southeast; exploring the feedbacks between climate, land use change, and coastal development; and developing ultra high-resolution climate projections for the U.S. Caribbean to support the creation of robust conservation reserves for at-risk species. Adam also serves as the federal coordinating lead author for the U.S. National Climate Assessment’s Southeast Chapter.

Web Resources

Selected Publications

Terando, A.J., B. Reich, K. Pacifici, J. Costanza, A. McKerrow, and J. Collazo, 2016: Uncertainty quantification and propagation for projections of extremes in monthly area burned under climate change: A case study in the coastal plain of Georgia, USA. In, Natural Hazard Uncertainty Assessment: Modeling and Decision Support, American Geophysical Union. K. Riley et al., Eds.

Van Beusekom, W.A. Gould, A.J. Terando, and J. Collazo2015: Climate change and water resources in a tropical island system: Propagation of uncertainty from statistically downscaled climate models to hydrologic modelsInternational Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.4560.

Terando, A.J., J. Costanza, C. Belyea, R.R. Dunn, A. McKerrow, and J. Collazo, 2014: The Southern Megalopolis: Using the past to predict the future of urban sprawl in the Southeast U.S.  PLoS ONE 9(7): e102261. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0102261

Bhat, K.S., M. Haran, A. Terando, and K. Keller, 2011: Climate projections using Bayesian Model Averaging and space-time dependenceJournal of Agricultural, Environmental, and Biological Statistics16, 606-628.

Cook, B.I., A. Terando, and A. Steiner, 2010: Ecological forecasting and climate data uncertainties: a phenology modeling case studyEnvironmental Research Letters5, L044014.


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