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AHS Presents at the Southern Region-AAAE Conference

Faculty members and graduate students of the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences recently attended the Southern Region – American Association for Agricultural Education (SR-AAAE) Annual Conference, held concurrently with the National Agricultural Communications Symposium (NACS) in Atlanta, GA. SR-AAAE aims to be the premier national society for social science scholarship in food, agriculture, and natural resources for individuals engaged in agricultural education, communication, leadership, international development, and extension education at United States colleges and universities. Several graduate students, including Jillian Ford, Katlyn Foy, Mikayla Daniels, Andrew Waaswa, Nikki Miller, Charity Stallings, Elisabeth Ramsey, Alyssa Spence (recently graduated) and Saifur Rahman were able to present their research papers and posters at the conference.

Faculty and staff members, including Travis Park, Mary Kate Lanier, Misty Lambert, Wendy Warner, Katie Sanders and Joy Morgan, also traveled to present their research. During the SR-AAAE Conference, Lambert was elected to serve as President of the Southern Region for 2024-2026. Morgan became the chair of the Program Improvement Committee for 2024 and Lanier will serve as the secretary for that committee. The department had four posters that were recognized for their excellence at the SR-AAAE and NACS conferences. They are highlighted by an asterisk in the list below. Congratulations to everyone who presented at the conference!

Elisabeth Ramsey presenting at the NACS Conference

Research Paper Presentations (SR-AAAE):

  • Title: Uncovering the Past: Minority Contribution and Early Start of Black American Students 4-H Program in North Carolina
  • Authors: Andrew Waaswa, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner

  • Title: Unearthing Agricultural Legacies: The Jesup Wagon’s Impact on Black Heritage and Extension Services
  • Authors: Mikayla Daniels, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner

  • Title: How Are School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers Implementing Agriscience Fair in Middle School?
    Authors: Jillian C. Ford, Jason Dossett (University of Florida), Misty D. Lambert, R. G. (Tre) Easterly III (University of Florida) 
  • Title: Understanding Concerns of New North Carolina SBAE Teachers Participating in an Induction Program
  • Authors: Jillian C. Ford, Misty D. Lambert, Wendy J. Warner

  • Title: Living in the borderland: An examination of the work-family borderland of dual agriculture teacher couples in North Carolina
  • Authors: Alyssa Ramsey Spence, Travis Park, Wendy Warner, W. Greg Cope

  • Title: H.O. Sargent: A Founding Father of the NFA
  • Authors: Katlyn R. Foy, Wendy J. Warner, Joy E. Morgan, Barbara M. Kirby

Poster Presentations (SR-AAAE):

  • Title: Visualizing Student Teaching 
  • Authors: Jillian C. Ford, Misty D. Lambert, Travis D. Park, Mary Kate Morgan Lanier
  • **Distinguished Innovative Poster Presentation

  • Title: Expanding the Reach of AEE Club: Rebranding the Departmental Student Organization as FFA Alumni and Supporters
  • Authors: Mary Kate Morgan Lanier, Jillian C. Ford, Joy Morgan

  • Title: The Value of Peer Mentorship to First-Year Students in an Orientation Course
  • Author: Mary Kate Morgan Lanier

  • Title: A Financial Management Simulation for College of Agriculture Undergraduates
  • Authors: Joseph L. Donaldson, Carolyn L. Bird, Elizabeth G. Blosser, and Saifur Rahman
  • **Distinguished Innovative Poster Presentation

  • Title: Mitigating Maize Postharvest Losses Through Participatory Training in Rural Uganda
  • Authors: Stella Ahimbisibwe, Samuel Ikendi, Miriam Namata, Andrew Waaswa, Kaaya Archileo

  • Title: Nurturing Success Amid Challenges: Training Future Leaders in Rural Communities
  • Authors: Mikayla Daniels, Andrew Waaswa, Nikki Miller, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner, Travis Park
  • ** Distinguished Research Poster Presentation

  • Title: Supporting Rural Students at Urban Land Grant Universities 
  • Authors: Nikki Miller, Mikayla Daniels, Andrew Waaswa, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner, Travis Park

  • Title: Fostering Career Membership between Alumni and Undergraduate Students: A College of Agriculture Student Success Career Coaching Program
  • Authors: Charity Stallings, Katie Sanders, Sara Lane

Posters Presentation (NACS):

  • Title: Talking Pork: Tailored Communication for a Diverse Consumer Landscape
  • Authors: Elisabeth Ramsey, Katie Sanders, Alexa Lamm (UGA), Shuyang Qu (Iowa State), Fally Masambuka-Kanchewa (Iowa State), Mike Retallick (Iowa State), Kevan Lamm (UGA) 
  • **People’s Choice Poster