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Welcome to AHS

A Message from Department Head Dr. Ben Chapman

Join or partner with NC State’s home of the human dimension of agriculture and life sciences.

The Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences is the proud home to 21 tenured/tenure-track faculty members and over 80 full time professional staff who are passionate about making North Carolina and beyond a better place to live, work and thrive. It is difficult to discuss all the impactful outputs of what our department contributes to our community, but at the center of it all is enhancing the health and wellness of individuals and communities through the support of food, nutrition, extension and agricultural systems.

Our department works across the functions of extension, research, and teaching to serve students and stakeholders. We believe that integration of extension, research, and teaching advances and transforms effective and impactful learning, discovery, translation, application, and engagement. We take scientific findings and make real-world applications for homes, classrooms, businesses and communities. 

With over 200 undergraduate students and an additional 50 graduate students we are a strong and diverse home for training the next generation of professionals. We embrace population differences across our state and through our efforts in racial justice we aim to further the dialogue of equity and inclusion, especially in food, agricultural, rural and youth settings.

Our faculty, staff and students are leaders in the areas of agricultural education, extension education, leadership, program or intervention development and evaluation and communications.

Just last year our faculty and staff led and participated in 71 grant projects with a multi-year total of $34.7 million in funding reaching across the globe in many focus areas including food and agricultural systems, nutrition, health and wellness policies and practices, volunteerism, food safety, environmental health in homes, disaster preparedness and recovery, family financial wellness and youth development.

In short, the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences is a progressive setting to learn, teach, generate new knowledge and apply solutions.